Our Approach

Tailored, transparent, effective

You’re in control

Here at FireTap Dubai, we believe you should be in control of your marketing budget and final decisions.

We’ll agree budgets with you and stick to them. If you want to increase or decrease your budget it is completely your call.

We will comprehensively understand your marketing goals and inform you of the hours it will take to get you there.

We set out all our prices from the start and add an hourly cost breakdown so you know exactly what you’re paying for and exactly what you’re going to get.

Transparency is key

Every invoice you receive will have a timesheet break down, so you have all the information on the work that has been done, when it was done and who on the team did it.

We know things aren’t set in stone – Adjust your budget month by month for complete flexibility.

Be prepared – We will agree a plan of 3 months’ worth of content and strategy so you and your team know what is expected and when with no surprises.

How We Charge

FireTap Dubai charges a fixed hourly rate for all services provided.

We ensure we completely understand your requirements and marketing goals before you decide which services you want to choose.

You will receive an itemised quotation of the work required and how many hours are involved in each task

We will not exceed the estimated charges of your quotation unless you inform us to add additional hours or services.

Our complete approach of flexibility and transparency allows you to have complete control over your marketing spend.


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