Myah AlBastaki – Regional Project Manager

“My days are very busy and usually start as early as 6 am. Thanks to being able to choose my working hours, I can attend client meetings in person or online that Jazmine and I book. With FireTap giving me long enough notice, I can easily arrange childcare for a few hours during client meetings, which makes this the perfect role for me! I have made Dubai my home. There is no better feeling than driving down SZH road after securing a client deal and celebrating with the team when a new contract gets signed.”

Myah has lived in the UAE for six years and made Dubai her permanent home. She and her husband are currently managing the build of their new family home and have two young children, which sometimes makes their days very busy! At FireTap Dubai, Myah manages the team and is responsible for client introductions and face-to-face meetings across Dubai. Her extensive experience in Business development and client relations makes her a treasured and irreplaceable part of the team.

Eman Jad Business Development Consultant (Freelance)

“After taking my daughter to school in the mornings, I can dedicate 3-4 hours a day to working with FireTap. After working with Jazmine and the ladies for two years now, I have been able to grow my client database from home whilst still finding time to be with my family.”

Eman is a qualified lawyer and dedicated mum who is originally from Egypt. Specializing in content writing, Eman is a marketing expert who provides multilingual articles for our clients and often works with our graphic design team. With her ability to speak English and Arabic fluently, Eman can work closely with many clients as she works on promoting the brand from all marketing aspects.

Kristine Van Den Berg – Business Development Consultant (Freelance)

“Since having my baby, I find myself with a lot of free time between naps and feeding. At FireTap Dubai, I can work during that free time while also sticking to my daily routine without the pressures of travelling to the office each day and searching for childcare.”


Originally from the Philippines, Kristine began her career as a qualified Engineer, living in the UAE for the better half of a decade. Having recently married, she spends her time looking after her baby while still finding time to work with us. 


As our business development manager, Kristine’s most vital point is client liaison. She truly understands our clients and their marketing goals and is able to implement the most suitable and beneficial strategy while providing content control. 

A message from the ceo

Our CEO Jazmine understands the importance of marketing your brand, product, or talents and how knowledge of the UAE Market is essential when making sure that you get the right Business Development and Marketing Strategy.

Coming from a Legal background Jazmine has been a specialist in Business Development starting in Law firms in the UK and then branching out into all areas across the UAE.

Jazmine combines local expertise with international standards to ensure that all clients get the best service when they contact FireTap Dubai from the initial enquiry to providing excellent Digital Marketing and Advertising with outstanding results.   “We answer our client enquires, we reply to our clients’ emails, and we provide the best marketing strategy for our clients with guaranteed results”

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