FireTap Dubai will help you build your marketing strategy with a clear and focused approach. Our marketing team are experts in both B2B and B2C commercial transactions


Get your business in front of your target audience. Our personalised social media strategies will lay out a clear approach to compliment your overall marketing strategy.


Our team keep on top of trends to keep your business up to date. We can help you grow your business’ press coverage and visibility to the public and your target market.


We can help make the most of your marketing budget. With PPC advertising we use a mixture of search, display and remarketing campaigns depending on what suits your business. With our expertly created campaigns and ads, working harmoniously with your SEO strategy, we’ll reach your target audience and help improve the quality and quantity of your leads and traffic to your website.


We can help you get your message across to your target audience in a meaningful and engaging way. Our innovative email marketing campaigns are designed with your business’ goals in mind and aid you in strengthening your brand and customer/client base.


Here at FireTap Dubai, we know how to articulate your message effectively. Our content specialists are dedicated to helping you build your business’ brand awareness amongst your target audience.

When you're marketing is right, it doesn't even feel like marketing

Here at FireTap Dubai, we focus on the people that matter most to your business. Offering a variety of services both online and offline for businesses of all sectors and sizes, we build a strategy to suit your business’ needs. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social media management help to build your organic presence online, while Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising can work along side your organic strategy and help boost your visibility in search engine results and showcase your business to more people who could be potential customers/clients.

Problem Solving, Brand Building

We guarantee tailored solutions that meet your target audience’s needs. Our marketing experts have a vast experience in a variety of digital marketing services. They even boast certifications from Google Ads, Analytics, Customer Acquisition and more. Our services are crafted to integrate traditional and digital marketing solutions to help the growth of your business. Call us today.

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Your One-Stop Destination For Marketing Expertise

Our creative and technical marketing expertise makes us stand out among the rest with a catalogue of local and international clients using our services. Our team is made up of specialists in their fields ensuring a one stop shop for marketing solutions.

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Strategies Built For Success

We are focused and dedicated to building long lasting relationships and creating memorable experiences for your customers across multiple channels. We understand in depth what it takes to build successful businesses and how to grow them with result orientated strategies. What ever your strategy calls for, we can do it! Get in touch with our expert team today and start seeing your business grow before your eyes.

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We also provide:

Here at FireTap Dubai, we offer a wide range of Traditional and Digital Marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes across all industries.
Within our digital marketing services, we grow your business organically online through strategic SEO and Social Media Management and compliment this with Paid Advertising / PP to boost your visibility to your customers in search engine results.
Along with this, we also offer more Traditional Marketing services such as Print and Design. With our multi-channel approach to reaching your target audience, you will see your business growth rapidly escalate.
We can also help you reach B2B and B2C customers within depth strategies suited to your business’ and your target market’s needs.


We have award-winning website designs and strategies to aid your business’ development. Our team handle the management of your website, ensuring it is kept current and ensures it looks good and works its hardest to align with your marketing strategy.



We provide tailored, world-class branding services to communicate your brand to the people you want to target. Our branding strategies will help build your brand awareness and authority in the eyes of your target audience.


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