It can be difficult to create constantly engaging social media content, and content is one of the most critical elements of your marketing strategy. Engaging social content can effectively drive traffic to your services or your website, which could then convert them into paying customers. It is challenging to strategise and post manually and regularly across your social media channels, so working with FireTap Dubai on your social media strategy would be hugely beneficial. We can also help you with your social media scheduling and content planning.

In this article, we will guide you through creating a thorough and engaging social media marketing strategy.

We will also identify the components required to create the best posts and ideas to increase your following, consisting of relevant followers and leads.

Your Post Layout

If you want your post to be truly effective, you should pay attention to the various elements that make a compelling post.

Here are some elements to consider when creating effective social media content:

  • Caption:

Outline the post, link, or image content. Bring attention to it with a headline, statement, or question. Social media research has shown that an average of 150 characters (approx. 15 words) gets the most clicks.

  • Mentions:

Sometimes, it is helpful to tag other accounts for added visibility or reach.

  • Hashtags:

How often do you use a hashtag to view all the relevant social media results on what you are looking for? Please make use of this feature; many other people use it too! Add relevant keywords for added reach. Firetap Dubai can help with hashtag recommendations for each social media network.

  • Call-to-Action:

Also known as CTA, this incentivises the potential customer to take action upon viewing your post. Ask questions to encourage comments or share a link to invite your potential customers to learn more, contact, try or buy your services.

  • Images and videos:

You can include one or more image, video or clip (depending on the platform), ensuring they are high quality and tailored to your brand and target audience.

  • Emojis:

If you are going to use an emoji, make sure it is relevant, not overused and adds tone to the visual interest. Ensure it applies to the content and is not too informal.

How to build the perfect post:

Of course, it is impossible to create a post that everyone will love because everyone has different preferences. All people on social media do not love all posts, even ones with over a million likes. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all post. However, there are some good practices to use when trying to reach your social media goals. When creating social media content, you should use certain elements that will make it inherently engaging, especially when reaching out to your target audience.

  • Captions and headlines:

You can use a short headline or a more extended caption, or both. Adding a secondary headline can be helpful if you want to quickly provide information about your content before users scroll past your post.

  • Mentioning other businesses:

If you take a shot at mentioning other businesses, organisations and influences in social media posts, you can do so by tagging or mentioning them on your socials. If you promote a partner or a supporter of your brand, you can increase mutual exposure and encourage the other party to reshare or like your post or reciprocate with their own by mentioning yours. Interactions on these posts, such as likes, comments, and shares, can quickly increase engagement and affect algorithms to help push them to the top of people’s feeds.

If you would like to tag anyone in your posts when working with us, inform us, and we will schedule it on our marketing planning platform.

  • Hashtags:

Hashtags are words or phrases combined and preceded by the # symbol. You can use them to identify content, brands, themes, trends, and campaigns. They’re immediately searchable on social media as soon as you publish, so they can help make your post more discoverable and pull your brand into trending topics.

Hashtags are clickable, and anyone who clicks on a hashtag or conducts a hashtag search on a social network sees a page showing all the posts that contain that hashtag.

  • Calls to action:

CTAs are important for social media posts and social media ads. It is essential to include a call to action because this leads your potential users and customers to your actual service. By providing users with the relevant tracking from your social media to your website, you can track how many leads you have gained from the individual social media post that you have posted how effective it is all together. Leads can be automatically tracked from Instagram posts. They have an automated tracking system, which is tied in with Meta (or Facebook); you can follow this kind of behaviour on Facebook. It is also essential to use a Facebook pixel to track the user journey from your Facebook ads to the website and service you provide to measure how well your Facebook marketing is doing and how effective it is. On Twitter, you could write this action in the post, for example, asking people to take a poll or simply asking for retweets.

  • Special characters and emojis:

Special characters and emojis can generate interest, attract the eye of your potential customers and make your brand more reliable. Recent data has shown that adding a relevant emoji can significantly increase the audience’s engagement. It is important to ensure that you do not overuse emojis. Each emoji must have a purpose.

Not only can an emoji can convey emotion and give your brand more of a personalised approach, it can be used as a simple engagement tool to minimise your word count so that your content isn’t too text-heavy.

The best practices for using emojis:

  • If you are still unsure about using emojis, here are some basic symbols that you can use, and they could go a long way.
  • An arrow ➡️or a pointing finger ?-  helps lead the reader to a link that you would want them to click.
  • Starsor starbursts?– can make the text pop or convey excitement or celebration.
  • Checkmarks ✅– This can get a sense of action or verification. While symbols with colour can drive home a point.


Inherently, social media is visual, and that is what provides the most engagement. Visual content gets statistically more clicks, comments and shares than a post that consists of just text.

You can use a mixture of photos with text overlay or do a slideshow theme on Instagram that fits with the company’s theme to keep the user engaged by sliding through. Make sure you pay attention to how the visuals affect the audience engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly.


View the table below to see the best social media practices for different social media platforms:


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