Pre-Legal Marketing & Tutoring for Students

Do you want to qualify as a Lawyer, Solicitor or Barrister?

Are you a student based in Dubai?

Would you like to study Law in English?

Have you studied an LLB in Law and want to go to the next stage?

Would you like to understand how to use your qualifications to become well known in the legal market?

Would you like to secure a job role in the UAE, London or Globally after completing your degree?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to gain experience at a local law firm? Do you want to gain experience at a UK law firm?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then FireTap Dubai is where you need to begin!

How we help Law Students

FireTap Dubai offers exclusive assistance for students, graduates and individuals who want a successful career in the legal world.

Training programmes with qualified CEOs and Managing Directors of Law firms providing firsthand advice on how to be successful in the legal world.

FireTap Dubai offers you marketing packages and advice on how & where you need to get started to stand out from the crowd.  Brought to you by experienced Lawyers and CEOs in the global market.

Our Approach

FireTap Dubai offers the best strategy for Pre-Legal Students, assisting with every step of the way, offering tutoring throughout your course, as well as qualified advice for Graduates looking for roles in the market.

  • Assistance with English and writing ensuring you get the best results during your course.
  • Pre- Essay submission spelling checks.
  • Firsthand advice from Lawyers in the market that have worked in the UK and the UAE.
  • Training at law firms in London & the UAE.
  • CV Drafting
  • Tutoring
  • English language training and submission
  • Recruitment advice
  • Marketing and Business plans for all clients,

Start your journey to a successful legal career today! Contact FireTap Dubai today!

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